Hors Concours: HC1-10

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Last updated: 16.07.2010
# Problem Solution
HC10 Cornel Pacurar & Arno Tüngler
Canada & Germany
HC10, 26.04.2010
ser-!# 112 (2+16) C+

1.Ka4-a3 2.Ka3-a2 3.Ka2-b1 4.Kb1-c2 5.Kc2-d1 6.Kd1*e1 7.Ke1-d1 8.Kd1-c2 9.Kc2-b1 10.Kb1-a2 11.Ka2-a3 12.Ka3-b4 13.Kb4-a5 14.Ka5-a6 15.Ka6-b7 16.Kb7-c8 17.Kc8-d8 18.Kd8-e8 19.Ke8-f8 20.Kf8-g8 21.Kg8-h7 22.Kh7-g6 23.Kg6-h5 24.Kh5*g4 25.Kg4-h5 26.Kh5-g6 27.Kg6-h7 28.Kh7-g8 29.Kg8-f8 30.Kf8-e8 31.Ke8-d8 32.Kd8-c8 33.Kc8-b7 34.Kb7-a6 35.Ka6-a5 36.Ka5-b4 37.Kb4-a3 38.Ka3-a2 39.Ka2-b1 40.Kb1-c2 41.Kc2-d1 42.Kd1-e1 43.Ke1-f1 44.Kf1*g1 45.Kg1-f1 46.Kf1-e1 47.Ke1-d1 48.Kd1-c2 49.Kc2-b1 50.Kb1-a2 51.Ka2-a3 52.Ka3-b4 53.Kb4-a5 54.Ka5-a6 55.Ka6-b7 56.Kb7-c8 57.Kc8-d8 58.Kd8-e8 59.Ke8-f8 60.Kf8-g8 61.Kg8-h7 62.Kh7-g6 63.Kg6-h5 64.Kh5-g4 65.Kg4*h3 66.Kh3-g4 67.Kg4-h5 68.Kh5-g6 69.Kg6-h7 70.Kh7-g8 71.Kg8-f8 72.Kf8-e8 73.Ke8-d8 74.Kd8-c8 75.Kc8-b7 76.Kb7-a6 77.Ka6-a5 78.Ka5-b4 79.Kb4-a3 80.Ka3-a2 81.Ka2-b1 82.Kb1-c2 83.Kc2-d1 84.Kd1-e1 85.Ke1-f1 86.Kf1-g1 87.Kg1*h1 88.Kh1-g1 89.Kg1-f1 90.Kf1-e1 91.Ke1-d1 92.Kd1-c2 93.Kc2-b1 94.Kb1-a2 95.Ka2-a3 96.Ka3-b4 97.Kb4-a5 98.Ka5-a6 99.Ka6-b7 100.Kb7-c8 101.Kc8-d8 102.Kd8-e8 103.Ke8-f8 104.Kf8-g8 105.Kg8-h7 106.Kh7-g6 107.Kg6-h5 108.Kh5-g4 109.Kg4*f3 110.Kf3-e3 111.f2-f3 112.Ke3*e4 !#

HC9 Arno Tüngler, Germany
HC9, 26.04.2010
ser-!# 107 (2+14) C+

1.Kf1-e1 2.Ke1-d1 3.Kd1-c2 4.Kc2-b1 5.Kb1-a2 6.Ka2-a3 7.Ka3-b4 8.Kb4-a5 9.Ka5-a6 10.Ka6-b7 11.Kb7-c8 12.Kc8-d8 13.Kd8-e8 14.Ke8-f8 15.Kf8-g8 16.Kg8-h7 17.Kh7-g6 18.Kg6-h5 19.Kh5*g4 20.Kg4-h5 21.Kh5-g6 22.Kg6-h7 23.Kh7-g8 24.Kg8-f8 25.Kf8-e8 26.Ke8-d8 27.Kd8-c8 28.Kc8-b7 29.Kb7-a6 30.Ka6-a5 31.Ka5-b4 32.Kb4-a3 33.Ka3-a2 34.Ka2-b1 35.Kb1-c2 36.Kc2-d1 37.Kd1-e1 38.Ke1-f1 39.Kf1*g1 40.Kg1-f1 41.Kf1-e1 42.Ke1-d1 43.Kd1-c2 44.Kc2-b1 45.Kb1-a2 46.Ka2-a3 47.Ka3-b4 48.Kb4-a5 49.Ka5-a6 50.Ka6-b7 51.Kb7-c8 52.Kc8-d8 53.Kd8-e8 54.Ke8-f8 55.Kf8-g8 56.Kg8-h7 57.Kh7-g6 58.Kg6-h5 59.Kh5-g4 60.Kg4*h3 61.Kh3-g4 62.Kg4-h5 63.Kh5-g6 64.Kg6-h7 65.Kh7-g8 66.Kg8-f8 67.Kf8-e8 68.Ke8-d8 69.Kd8-c8 70.Kc8-b7 71.Kb7-a6 72.Ka6-a5 73.Ka5-b4 74.Kb4-a3 75.Ka3-a2 76.Ka2-b1 77.Kb1-c2 78.Kc2-d1 79.Kd1-e1 80.Ke1-f1 81.Kf1-g1 82.Kg1*h1 83.Kh1-g1 84.Kg1-f1 85.Kf1-e1 86.Ke1-d1 87.Kd1-c2 88.Kc2-b1 89.Kb1-a2 90.Ka2-a3 91.Ka3-b4 92.Kb4-a5 93.Ka5-a6 94.Ka6-b7 95.Kb7-c8 96.Kc8-d8 97.Kd8-e8 98.Ke8-f8 99.Kf8-g8 100.Kg8-h7 101.Kh7-g6 102.Kg6-h5 103.Kh5-g4 104.Kg4*f3 105.Kf3*e3 106.f2-f3 107.Ke3*e4 !#

HC8 Arno Tüngler, Germany
HC8, 26.04.2010
ser-!# 88 (2+13) C+

1.Kg4-h5 2.Kh5-g6 3.Kg6-h7 4.Kh7-g8 5.Kg8-f8 6.Kf8-e8 7.Ke8-d8 8.Kd8-c8 9.Kc8-b7 10.Kb7-a6 11.Ka6-a5 12.Ka5-b4 13.Kb4-a3 14.Ka3-a2 15.Ka2-b1 16.Kb1-c2 17.Kc2-d1 18.Kd1-e1 19.Ke1-f1 20.Kf1*g1 21.Kg1-f1 22.Kf1-e1 23.Ke1-d1 24.Kd1-c2 25.Kc2-b1 26.Kb1-a2 27.Ka2-a3 28.Ka3-b4 29.Kb4-a5 30.Ka5-a6 31.Ka6-b7 32.Kb7-c8 33.Kc8-d8 34.Kd8-e8 35.Ke8-f8 36.Kf8-g8 37.Kg8-h7 38.Kh7-g6 39.Kg6-h5 40.Kh5-g4 41.Kg4*h3 42.Kh3-g4 43.Kg4-h5 44.Kh5-g6 45.Kg6-h7 46.Kh7-g8 47.Kg8-f8 48.Kf8-e8 49.Ke8-d8 50.Kd8-c8 51.Kc8-b7 52.Kb7-a6 53.Ka6-a5 54.Ka5-b4 55.Kb4-a3 56.Ka3-a2 57.Ka2-b1 58.Kb1-c2 59.Kc2-d1 60.Kd1-e1 61.Ke1-f1 62.Kf1-g1 63.Kg1*h1 64.Kh1-g1 65.Kg1-f1 66.Kf1-e1 67.Ke1-d1 68.Kd1-c2 69.Kc2-b1 70.Kb1-a2 71.Ka2-a3 72.Ka3-b4 73.Kb4-a5 74.Ka5-a6 75.Ka6-b7 76.Kb7-c8 77.Kc8-d8 78.Kd8-e8 79.Ke8-f8 80.Kf8-g8 81.Kg8-h7 82.Kh7-g6 83.Kg6-h5 84.Kh5-g4 85.Kg4*f3 86.Kf3*e3 87.f2-f3 88.Ke3*e4 !#

HC7 Arno Tüngler, Germany
HC7, 26.04.2010
ser-!# 80 (1+13) C+

1.Kg3-h2 2.Kh2-g1 3.Kg1-f1 4.Kf1-e1 5.Ke1-d1 6.Kd1-c2 7.Kc2-b3 8.Kb3-a4 9.Ka4-b5 10.Kb5-c6 11.Kc6-d7 12.Kd7*e7 13.Ke7-d7 14.Kd7-c6 15.Kc6-b5 16.Kb5-a4 17.Ka4-b3 18.Kb3-c2 19.Kc2-d1 20.Kd1-e1 21.Ke1-f1 22.Kf1-g1 23.Kg1-h2 24.Kh2-g3 25.Kg3*h4 26.Kh4-g3 27.Kg3-h2 28.Kh2-g1 29.Kg1-f1 30.Kf1-e1 31.Ke1-d1 32.Kd1-c2 33.Kc2-b3 34.Kb3-a4 35.Ka4-b5 36.Kb5-c6 37.Kc6-d7 38.Kd7-e6 39.Ke6*f5 40.Kf5-e6 41.Ke6*d5 42.Kd5-c4 43.Kc4-b3 44.Kb3-c2 45.Kc2-d1 46.Kd1-e1 47.Ke1-f1 48.Kf1-g1 49.Kg1-h2 50.Kh2-g3 51.Kg3-h4 52.Kh4*h5 53.Kh5-h4 54.Kh4-g3 55.Kg3-h2 56.Kh2-g1 57.Kg1-f1 58.Kf1-e1 59.Ke1-d1 60.Kd1-c2 61.Kc2-b3 62.Kb3-c4 63.Kc4-d5 64.Kd5-e6 65.Ke6*f7 66.Kf7-e6 67.Ke6-d5 68.Kd5-c4 69.Kc4-b3 70.Kb3-c2 71.Kc2-d1 72.Kd1-e1 73.Ke1-f1 74.Kf1-g1 75.Kg1-h2 76.Kh2-g3 77.Kg3-h4 78.Kh4-h5 79.Kh5-h6 80.Kh6*h7 !#

HC6 Paul Răican, Romania
HC6, 05.04.2010 (version 13.04.2010)
ser-hdia 34 (11+16)

1.a2-a4 2.Ra1-a3 3.Ra3-g3 4.Rg3*g7 5.Rg7*g8 6.Rg8-g4 7.Rg4-c4 8.g2-g4 9.g4-g5 10.g5-g6 11.g6-g7 12.g7-g8=Q 13.Qg8-g3 14.Qg3*c7 15.Qc7*b7 16.Qb7-b3 17.Qb3-a2 21.b7 22.b7*c8=S 23.Sc8-b6 24.Sb6-d5 25.Sd5-c3 26.Sc3-Sb5 27.c3 28.Qb3 33.Kb4 34.S1a3 Sa6#

  • A very rare Series Help Proof Game (a first, maybe?!), ending with a pure mate!
  • For a ser-PG, see PDB P1004260
  • The composition (T5) has been withdrawn from the tournament by the author, and is now published here "hors concours".
HC4 T. Petrović, version Arno Tüngler
HC4, 20.03.2010

ser-h+ 43 (12+8) C+

1.Kb6*a6 2.Ka6-a7 3.Ka7-b8 4.Kb8-c8 5.Kc8-d8 6.Kd8-e8 7.Ke8-f8 8.Kf8-g8 9.Kg8-h8 10.Bh7-g8 11.Kh8-h7 12.Kh7-h6 13.Kh6-h5 14.Kh5-h4 15.Kh4-h3 16.Kh3-h2 17.Kh2-g1 18.Kg1-f1 19.Kf1-e1 20.Ke1-d1 21.Kd1*c2 22.Kc2-d1 23.Kd1-e1 24.Ke1-f1 25.Kf1-g1 26.Kg1-h2 27.Kh2-h3 28.Kh3-h4 29.Kh4-h5 30.Kh5-h6 31.Kh6-h7 32.Kh7-h8 33.Bg8-h7 34.Kh8-g8 35.Kg8-f8 36.Kf8-e8 37.Ke8-d8 38.Kd8-c8 39.Kc8-b8 40.Kb8-a7 41.Ka7-b6 42.Kb6*c6 43.Kc6-d5 e2-e4 +

  • New series help-check record for 20 units!
    Table of records:
  • Previous record: T. Petrovic, MAT 1992, ser-h+ 42 ("398 Zuglängen Rekorde Im Serienzüger" No. 344).
HC3 T. Petrović, version Arno Tüngler
HC3, 20.03.2010

ser-h+ 42 (11+8) C+

1.Kb6-a7 2.Ka7-b8 3.Kb8-c8 4.Kc8-d8 5.Kd8-e8 6.Ke8-f8 7.Kf8-g8 8.Kg8-h8 9.Bh7-g8 10.Kh8-h7 11.Kh7-h6 12.Kh6-h5 13.Kh5-h4 14.Kh4-h3 15.Kh3-h2 16.Kh2-g1 17.Kg1-f1 18.Kf1-e1 19.Ke1-d1 20.Kd1*c2 21.Kc2-d1 22.Kd1-e1 23.Ke1-f1 24.Kf1-g1 25.Kg1-h2 26.Kh2-h3 27.Kh3-h4 28.Kh4-h5 29.Kh5-h6 30.Kh6-h7 31.Kh7-h8 32.Bg8-h7 33.Kh8-g8 34.Kg8-f8 35.Kf8-e8 36.Ke8-d8 37.Kd8-c8 38.Kc8-b8 39.Kb8-a7 40.Ka7-b6 41.Kb6*c6 42.Kc6-d5 e2-e4 +

  • New series help-check record for 19 units!
    Table of records:
  • Previous record: T. Petrovic, MAT 1992, ser-h+ 38 ("398 Zuglängen Rekorde Im Serienzüger" No. 343).
HC2 T. Petrović, version Arno Tüngler
HC2, 20.03.2010

ser-h+ 38 (11+7) C+

1.Kb6-a7 2.Ka7-b8 3.Kb8-c8 4.Kc8-d8 5.Kd8-e8 6.Ke8-f8 7.Kf8-g8 8.Kg8-h7 9.Kh7-h6 10.Kh6-h5 11.Kh5-h4 12.Kh4-h3 13.Kh3-h2 14.Kh2-g1 15.Kg1-f1 16.Kf1-e1 17.Ke1-d1 18.Kd1*c2 19.Kc2-d1 20.Kd1-e1 21.Ke1-f1 22.Kf1-g1 23.Kg1-h2 24.Kh2-h3 25.Kh3-h4 26.Kh4-h5 27.Kh5-h6 28.Kh6-h7 29.Kh7-g8 30.Kg8-f8 31.Kf8-e8 32.Ke8-d8 33.Kd8-c8 34.Kc8-b8 35.Kb8-a7 36.Ka7-b6 37.Kb6*c6 38.Kc6-d5 e2-e4 +

  • New series help-check record for 18 units!
    Table of records:
  • Previous record: T. Petrović, MAT 1992, ser-h+ 37 ("398 Zuglängen Rekorde Im Serienzüger" No. 342).
  • For two other length records published by Arno in 2010 please see feenschach 178 (page 157, No. 9937 and 9938)!
HC1 Cornel Pacurar, Canada
HC1, 20.03.2010

ser-# 1387 (v) (1+1) C+
GridChess PWC RepublicanChess Type2
Wazir d2

Try: 1.WEd2*e2 [+bPd2]? 64.WEd3*d2 [+bPd3] 127.WEd4*d3 [+bPd4] 190.WEd5*d4 [+bPd5] 253.WEd6*d5 [+bPd6] 316.WEd7*d6 [+bPd7] 379.WEd8*d7 [+bPd8] 442.WEc8*d8 [+bPc8] 505.WEc7*c8 [+bPc7] 568.WEc6*c7 [+bPc6] 631.WEc5*c6 [+bPc5] 694.WEc4*c5 [+bPc4] 757.WEc3*c4 [+bPc3] 820.WEc2*c3 [+bPc2] 883.WEb2*c2 [+bPb2] 946.WEb3*b2 [+bPb3] 1009.WEb4*b3 [+bPb4] 1072.WEb5*b4 [+bPb5] 1135.WEb6*b5 [+bPb6] 1198.WEb7*b6 [+bPb7] 1261.WEb8*b7 [+bPb8] 1324.WEa8*b8 [+bPa8] 1387.WEa7*a8 [+bPa7] 1388.WEa8-b8[+bKa8] #

Solution: 1.WEd2-d3! 63.WEe3*e2 [+bPe3] 126.WEe4*e3 [+bPe4] 189.WEe5*e4 [+bPe5] 252.WEe6*e5 [+bPe6] 315.WEe7*e6 [+bPe7] 378.WEe8*e7 [+bPe8] 441.WEf8*e8 [+bPf8] 504.WEf7*f8 [+bPf7] 567.WEf6*f7 [+bPf6] 630.WEf5*f6 [+bPf5] 693.WEf4*f5 [+bPf4] 756.WEf3*f4 [+bPf3] 819.WEf2*f3 [+bPf2] 882.WEg2*f2 [+bPg2] 945.WEg3*g2 [+bPg3] 1008.WEg4*g3 [+bPg4] 1071.WEg5*g4 [+bPg5] 1134.WEg6*g5 [+bPg6] 1197.WEg7*g6 [+bPg7] 1260.WEg8*g7 [+bPg8] 1323.WEh8*g8 [+bPh8] 1386.WEh7*h8 [+bPh7] 1387.WEh8-g8[+bKh8] #

  • HC1 shows why T2's grid needed to be altered in the upper-left corner!
  • New Wenigsteiner echo length record (see the previous record in feenschach 176, on page 42!)
  • C+, Popeye v4.55