Hors Concours: HC41-50

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Last updated: 08.05.2011
# Problem Solution
HC50 Zoran Sibinović & Cornel Pacurar
Serbia & Canada
HC50, 20.02.2011

ser-h= 36 (12+2) C+


1.Kh2*h1 8.Kc4*b5 21.Kh7*h8 23.Kg7*f7 26.Kd8*c8 27.Kc8*b8 32.Kd6*d5 33.Kd5*c6 34.Kc6-d5 36.c5-c4 Ra7-a6 =

  • New ideal series helpstalemate length record - last move by Rook.

On February 27th Vladimír Janál has published here the following new record:
ser-h= 61 (13+2) C+
4.Kf1*e1 12.Kg6*f6 14.Kg7*h8 17.Kf6*e7 24.Ka5*a4 41.Ke1*d1 60.Kc3*d3 61.Kd3-e4 Ra2*a3 =
HC49 Cornel Pacurar
dedicated to the memory of Ion Murărasu
HC49, 31.12.2010
ser-!xz 43 (2+7)


5.Ke6*f5 12.Kb5*c4 21.Kg4*h3 35.Kg1*h1 40.Kd5*c6 42.Kb7-a8 43.b6-b7 !x=

  • Return-trip by the white King, Series-Auto-CapZug.
  • Please note the new CapZug stipulation notation! More details about the Zug Family and the CapZug notation change on the Parry Series and Zug Family Hub, as outlined by the CapZug inventor, Dan Meinking.
HC48 Arno Tüngler
(After Vladimír Janál)
HC48, 31.10.2010
ser-h# 84 (16+1) C+


1.Kf1*e1 20.Kc4*d3 40.Ke1*d1 60.Kc4*b3 81.Kd1*c1 84.Ke1-f1 Ra2-a1 #

  • New serieshelpmate length record: longest return-trip by the bK - "Type b" (Rex Solus).
  • Previous record:

Vladimír Janál
YouTube, 27.07.2007
ser-h# 80 (15+1) C+
1.Kf1*e1 19.Kc4*d3 38.Ke1*d1 57.Kc4*b3 77.Kd1*c1 Ke1-f1 Ra2-a1 #
HC47 Arno Tüngler
HC47, 31.10.2010
ser-h# 92 (15+8) C+


1.Kf1*g1 3.Kf1*e1 23.Kc4*d3 44.Ke1*d1 65.Kc4*b3 88.Kc1*b1 92.Ke1-f1 Ra2-a1 #

  • New serieshelpmate length record: longest return-trip by the bK - "Type a" (continuous and with no other black moves).
HC46 Ivan Skoba
Czech Republic
HC46, 24.10.2010
(Dedicated to Rudy Linka)
Position a
ser-a=>b 112 (2+16) C+
Position b


6.Kh6-g7 7.Bf6*d8 8.Bd8-e7 11.Ke8-d8 13.Bd6-c7 15.Kc8-b7 16.Bc7-b6 19.Ka5*a4 22.Ka6-b7 23.Bb6-c7 25.Kc8-d8 27.Bd6-e7 30.Kf8-g7 31.Be7-f6 39.Ke1*d1 43.Ke4*d5 54.Kh6-g7 55.Bf6-e7 58.Ke8-d8 60.Bd6-c7 62.Kc8-b7 63.Bc7-b6 65.Ka6*b5 67.Ka6-b7 68.Bb6-c7 70.Kc8-d8 72.Bd6-e7 75.Kf8-g7 76.Be7-f6 86.Ke3-d4 87.Bf6*e5 89.Bd6-c5 90.Kd4*c4 91.Kc4*d3 93.Kc4-b5 94.Bc5-b6 96.Ka6-b7 97.Bb6-c7 99.Kc8*d7 100.Bc7-d6 101.Kd7*c6 102.Kc6-d7 103.Bd6-e7 105.Ke8*f7 106.Kf7*e6 108.Kf5*g4 109.Kg4*h3 111.Kg2-f1 112.Be7-f6 a=>b

  • Return of the white Bishop and King.
HC45 Ivan Skoba
Czech Republic
HC45, 21.10.2010
(Dedicated to Rudy Linka)
Position a
ser-ha=>b 112 (16+2) C+
Position b


6.Kh3-g2 7.Bf3*d1 8.Bd1-e2 11.Ke1-d1 13.Bd3-c2 19.Ka4*a5 22.Ka3-b2 23.Bb3-c2 25.Kc1-d1 27.Bd3-e2 30.Kf1-g2 31.Be2-f3 39.Ke8*d8 43.Ke5*d4 54.Kh3-g2 55.Bf3-e2 58.Ke1-d1 60.Bd3-c2 62.Kc1-b2 63.Bc2-b3 65.Ka3*b4 67.Ka3-b2 68.Bb3-c2 70.Kc1-d1 72.Bd3-e2 75.Kf1-g2 76.Be2-f3 86.Ke6-d5 87.Bf3*e4 89.Bd3-c4 90.Kd5*c5 91.Kc5*d6 96.Ka3-b2 97.Bb3-c2 99.Kc1*d2 100.Bc2-d3 101.Kd2*c3 102.Kc3-d2 103.Bd3-e2 105.Ke1*f2 106.Kf2*e3 108.Kf4*g5 109.Kg5*h6 111.Kg7-f8 112.Be2*a6 + Kb7*a6 a=>b

  • Capture of all white units and return of the black King.
  • Inspired by (and evolved from a position found during) ifaybish TT2!
  • Initially published as T28, later withdrawn from the tournament by the author.
HC44 Ján Golha &  Ivan Skoba
Slovakia &  Czech Republic
HC44, 02.10.2010
Dedicated to Josef Krivohlßvek for his 91th birthday

ser-h= 91 (11+2) C+
Sirene a8, Triton b3, Nere´de b2, c2, g1


7.Kh2-h1 8.NDg1-h2 16.Ka2*b3 [+wTRb8] 24.Kg1-h1 25.NDh2-g1 35.Kc7*b8 45.Kh2-h1 46.NDg1-h2 52.Kc1*b2 [+wNDb8] 58.Kg1-h1 59.NDh2-g1 68.Kd8*c8 [+wSb1] 76.Kh2-h1 77.NDg1-h2 82.Kd1*c2 [+wNDc8] 87.Kg1-h1 88.NDh2-g1 90.Kh2-h3 91.NDg1-h2 SIa8-h1 =
  • The family of Marine pieces combines locust-style captures with the moving power of the corresponding orthodox pieces. Marine pieces have names alluding to the sea and its myths: Nere´de = Marine Bishop, Triton = Marine Rook, Sirene = Marine Queen.
HC43 Ján Golha &  Ivan Skoba
Slovakia &  Czech Republic
HC43, 02.10.2010
Dedicated to Itamar Faybish for the excellent organization of the "ifaybish TT6"

ser-h= 152 (16+2) C+
Sirene a5, Triton b5, c7, Nere´de a7, b4, c1, c2, f6, h2


15.Kb8*a8 [+wSb1] 31.Kd1*c2 [+wNDc8] 32.Kc2*b1 33.Kb1*a2 36.Ka4*a5 [+wSIa8] 44.Kg1-h1 45.NDh2-g1 56.Kd8*c7 65.Kh2-h1 66.NDg1-h2 73.Kb3*c4 [+wPc2] 74.Kc4*b5 [+wTRb8] 76.Ka4*a3 [+wPa2] 77.Ka3*a2 79.Kb1*c2 84.Kg1-h1 85.NDh2-g1 95.Kc7*b8 105.Kh2-h1 106.NDg1-h2 113.Kb3*b4 [+wNDb8] 120.Kg1-h1 121.NDh2-g1 130.Kd8*c8 133.Ke6*f5 [+wSb1] 137.Kh2-h1 138.NDg1-h2 143.Kd1*c1 [+wNDc8] 148.Kg1-h1 149.NDh2-g1 151.Kh2-h3 152.NDg1-h2 SIa8-h1 =
  • ifaybish TT6 Introduction and Results.
  • The tournament only allowed one Siren, two Tritons and two Nere´des for each side.
HC42 Ján Golha &  Ivan Skoba
Slovakia &  Czech Republic
HC42, 02.10.2010
Dedicated to Itamar Faybish for the excellent organization of the "ifaybish TT6"

ser-h= 87 (16+2) C+
Sirene f3, Triton d1, g3, h1, Nere´de a1, d8, g7, g1


11.Kc2*d1 22.Kc7*d8 25.Kf8*g7 [+wNDg8] 43.Kg2*h1 [+wTRh8] 44.NDg1-h2 63.Kg7*h8 82.Kg1-h1 83.NDh2-g1 85.Kh2-h3 86.NDg1-h2 SIf3-h1 =
  • No solution in 87 moves!
  • ifaybish TT6 Introduction and Results.
  • The tournament only allowed one Siren, two Tritons and two Nere´des for each side.
HC41 Cornel Pacurar
HC41, 12.09.2010

pser-h= 12 (1+1) C+
Royal Pawn e7, b2

1.rPe7-e5 2.rPe5-e4 3.rPe4-e3 4.rPe3-e2 5.rPe2-e1=rS 6.rSe1-d3 + rPb2-b3 7.rSd3-c1 + rPb3-b4 8.rSc1-a2 + rPb4-b5 9.rSa2-c3 + rPb5-b6 10.rSc3-a4 + rPb6-b7 11.rSa4-c5 + rPb7-b8=rB 12.rSc5-a6 + rBb8-d6 =

  • Royal Pawns, black and white Excelsior - for the first time in Parry Series form ; minor promotions.