Improved versions published by Vladimír Janál

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Last updated: 16.05.2011

The following versions of T16, T18, T19 and T20 were published by Vladimír Janál on his personal blog shortly after the originals appeared on, as "joints", without the authors' prior consent.

The Codex for Chess Composition clearly stipulates that corrections or improved versions of correct compositions should only be published as a joint composition if the original author agrees.

As a result, the 2010 Judge has chosen to ignore Mr. Janál's revisions.


  • Vladimír Janál & Radovan Tomašević
    Blog zlínského problemisty, 03.08.2010
    ser-h# 105 (15+4) C+

    14.Kd2*d3 16.Kc2*b3 18.Kc4*b5 35.Kc8*b8 53.Kb5*a6 72.Kb8*a8 90.Kc4*d5 91.Kd5*c6 92.Kc6-d6 94.c5*b4 97.b2-b1=B 99.Ba2*e6 104.Kg8-h8 105.Be6-g8 Kf6-g6 #


  • Vladimír Janál & Zoran Sibinović
    Blog zlínského problemisty, 04.08.2010
    ser-= 117 (6+14) C+

    1.Ke3-d3 2.d2*c3 3.c3-c4 4.c2-c3 8.Ka2*a3 22.Kh5*g4 42.Kf1*g1 63.Kg4*h3 85.Kg1*h1 107.Kg4*f3 108.Kf3-g4 110.f4*e5 111.Kg4*g5 112.Kg5*h4 116.Ke7*d8 117.Kd8*c7 =


  • Vladimír Janál & Zoran Sibinović
    Blog zlínského problemisty, 04.08.2010
    ser-= 112 (5+16) C+

    1.b2*c3 2.c3-c4 3.c2-c3 4.Kd1-c2 19.Kh5*g4 38.Kf1*g1 58.Kg4*h3 79.Kg1*h1 100.Kg4*f3 101.Kf3-e2 104.f5*e6 105.e6-e7 106.e7*d8=B 107.Bd8*g5 108.Bg5*h4 110.Bf6*g7 111.Bg7*e5 112.Be5*c7 =


  • Vladimír Janál &  Zoran Sibinović
    Blog zlínského problemisty, 28.07.2010
    ser-h# 118 (15+7) C+