Hors Concours: HC31-40

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Last updated: 02.10.2010
# Problem Solution
HC40 Zoran Sibinović
HC40, 07.08.2010
ser-= 77 (4+15) C+

6.Kd1*e1 18.Kc8*d8 24.Kh5*g4 43.Kf1*g1 44.Kg1*h1 65.Kg4*f3 66.Kf3-g4 68.f4*e5 69.Kg4*g5 71.Kf4*e3 74.Kc5*b5 75.Kb5*c4 76.Kc4*d3 77.Kd3-e4 =

  • The direct series stalemate length record - ideal stalemate, last move by King, is: 
    Zdenek Oliva
    feenschach 2002
    ser-= 80 (1+16) C+

    13.Kb5*a6 28.Kd7*c8 45.Ka7*a8 62.Kd7*c7 64.Kb6*a5 66.Kb4*b3 67.Kb3*a2 71.Kd5*e5 72.Ke5*d4 75.Kf6*f7 76.Kf7*g6 77.Kg6*h5 80.Kf3-e2 =

  • Table of records:
HC39 Zoran Sibinović
HC39, 06.08.2010
ser-= 79 (9+13) C+

9.Kc2*d1 19.Kc8*d8 25.Kh5*g4 43.Kf1*g1 44.Kg1*h1 64.Kg4*f3 65.Kf3-g4 66.f2-f4 67.f4*e5 68.Kg4*g5 73.Kc5*c6 74.Kc6*b5 75.Kb5*c4 76.Kc4-d4 79.c5-c6 =

  • New direct series stalemate length record - last move by Pawn!
  • 07.08.2010:  Vladimír Janál has published the following version: 

    Vladimír Janál & Zoran Sibinović
    Blog zlínského problemisty, 07.08.2010
    ser-= 80 (8+13) C+

    9.Kc2*d1 22.Kg7*h8 26.Kh5*g4 44.Kf1*g1 45.Kg1*h1 65.Kg4*f3 66.Kf3-g4 68.f4*e5 69.Kg4*g5 74.Kc5*c6 75.Kc6*b5 76.Kb5*c4 77.Kc4-d4 80.c5-c6 =

  • 11.08.2010:  The new record is now: 

    Ján Golha, Vladimír Janál & Zoran Sibinović
    Blog zlínského problemisty, 10.08.2010
    ser-= 85 (8+13) C+

    3.Kb7*c6 11.Kc2*d1 27.Kg4*h3 47.Kg1*h1 67.Kg4*f3 68.Kf3-g4 70.f4*e5 71.Kg4*g5 75.Kd2*c1 77.Kb2*a2 80.Kb4*b5 81.Kb5*c4 82.Kc4-d4 85.c5-c6 =

  • Table of records:
HC38 Ivan Skoba &  Ján Golha
Czech Republic &  Slovakia
HC38, 04.08.2010

Position a:

Position b:
ser-a=>b 702 (2+11) C+

19.Kh5*h4 [+bPh5] 21.Kh3*h2 [+bPh3] 41.Kh6*h5 [+bPh6] 43.Kh4*h3 [+bPh4] 63.Kh7*h6 [+bPh7] 65.Kh5*h4 [+bPh5] 85.Kg8*h7 [+bPg8] 87.Kh6*h5 [+bPh6] 107.Kf8*g8 [+bPf8] 109.Kh7*h6 [+bPh7] 129.Ke8*f8 [+bPe8] 131.Kg8*h7 [+bPg8] 151.Kd7*e8 [+bPd7] 153.Kf8*g8 [+bPf8] 173.Kc8*d7 [+bPc8] 175.Ke8*f8 [+bPe8] 195.Kb8*c8 [+bPb8] 197.Kd7*e8 [+bPd7] 217.Ka7*b8 [+bPa7] 219.Kc8*d7 [+bPc8] 239.Ka6*a7 [+bPa6] 241.Kb8*c8 [+bPb8] 261.Ka5*a6 [+bPa5] 263.Ka7*b8 [+bPa7] 283.Ka4*a5 [+bPa4] 285.Ka6*a7 [+bPa6] 305.Ka3*a4 [+bPa3] 307.Ka5*a6 [+bPa5] 328.Ka2*a3 [+bPa2] 330.Ka4*a5 [+bPa4] 352.Ka3*a2 [+bPa3] 374.Ka5*a4 [+bPa5] 375.Ka4*a3 [+bPa4] 396.Ka6*a5 [+bPa6] 397.Ka5*a4 [+bPa5] 418.Ka7*a6 [+bPa7] 419.Ka6*a5 [+bPa6] 440.Kb8*a7 [+bPb8] 441.Ka7*a6 [+bPa7] 462.Kc8*b8 [+bPc8] 463.Kb8*a7 [+bPb8] 484.Kd7*c8 [+bPd7] 485.Kc8*b8 [+bPc8] 506.Ke8*d7 [+bPe8] 507.Kd7*c8 [+bPd7] 528.Kf8*e8 [+bPf8] 529.Ke8*d7 [+bPe8] 550.Kg8*f8 [+bPg8] 551.Kf8*e8 [+bPf8] 572.Kh7*g8 [+bPh7] 573.Kg8*f8 [+bPg8] 594.Kh6*h7 [+bPh6] 595.Kh7*g8 [+bPh7] 616.Kh5*h6 [+bPh5] 617.Kh6*h7 [+bPh6] 638.Kh4*h5 [+bPh4] 639.Kh5*h6 [+bPh5] 660.Kh3*h4 [+bPh3] 661.Kh4*h5 [+bPh4] 682.Kh2*h3 [+bPh2] 683.Kh3*h4 [+bPh3] 702.Ke1-f2 a=>b

  • The only difference between position A  and position B  is the location of one black pawn:  bPh4 and, respectively, bPh3! Still, to make this subtle change not less than 702 moves are necessary! 
  • Ivan Skoba writes that this problem was composed during TT2 (it is similar to the 4th Place). Ivan also informs that his lecture at the recent 2nd International Chess Composition Festival in Marianka ( was inspired and motivated by this tournament!
HC36 Cornel Pacurar, Canada
HC36, 04.07.2010 (v)

Position a:

(5+8) (All pieces are Kangaroos)

Position b:

ser-h a=>b 49 (3+8) C+
(All pieces are Kangaroos)

1.KAh1-e1 2.KAg1-d1 3.KAf1-c1 4.KAe1-b1 5.KAd1-a1 6.KAa1-a4 7.KAa2-a5 8.KAa3-a6 9.KAa4-a7 10.KAa5-a8 11.KAa8-d8 12.KAb8-e8 13.KAc8-f8 14.KAd8-g8 15.KAe8-h8 16.KAh8-h5 17.KAh7-h4 18.KAh5-h1 19.KAh1-a1 20.KAa1-a8 21.KAa8-h8 22.KAh8-h3 23.KAh4-h1 24.KAh1-a1 25.KAa1-a8 26.KAa8-h8 27.KAh8*h2 28.KAh2*d2 29.KAd2-h2 30.KAh2-h7 31.KAh3-h8 32.KAh8-e8 33.KAg8-d8 34.KAf8-c8 35.KAe8-b8 36.KAd8-a8 37.KAa8-a5 38.KAa7-a4 39.KAa6-a3 40.KAa5-a2 41.KAa4-a1 42.KAa1-d1 43.KAb1-e1 44.KAc1-f1 45.KAd1-g1 46.KAe1-h1 47.KAh1-h8 48.KAh8-h5 49.KAh7-h4 KAh6-h3 a=>b

More Kangaroo moves are possible if fairy conditions are added, for instance: 59 Kangaroo moves

Cornel Pacurar
HC37, 07.07.2010

Position a:

Position b:

ser- a=>b 59 C+
MirrorAntiCirce PWC

1.KAh1-e1 2.KAg1-d1 3.KAf1-c1 4.KAe1-b1 5.KAd1-a1 6.KAa1-a4 7.KAa2-a5 8.KAa3-a6 9.KAa4-a7 10.KAa5-a8 11.KAa8-d8 12.KAb8-e8 13.KAc8-f8 14.KAd8-g8 15.KAe8-h8 16.KAh8-h5 17.KAh7-h4 18.KAh5-h1 19.KAh1-a1 20.KAa1-a8 21.KAa8-h8 22.KAh8-h3 23.KAh4-h1 24.KAh1-a1 25.KAa1-a8 26.KAa8-h8 27.KAh8*h2 [+bKAh8][wKAh2->h1] 28.KAh1-a1 29.KAa1-a8 30.KAa8*h8 [+bKAa8][wKAh8->h1] 31.KAh1-h7 32.KAh3-h8 33.KAh8-e8 34.KAg8-d8 35.KAf8-c8 36.KAe8-b8 37.KAd8*a8 [+bKAd8][wKAa8->a1] 38.KAa1-a8 39.KAa8*d8 [+bKAa8][wKAd8->d1] 40.KAb1-e1 41.KAc1-f1 42.KAd1-g1 43.KAe1-h1 44.KAh1-h8 45.KAh8*a8 [+bKAh8][wKAa8->a1] 46.KAa1-a8 47.KAa8-d8 48.KAb8-e8 49.KAc8-f8 50.KAd8-g8 51.KAe8*h8 [+bKAe8][wKAh8->h1] 52.KAh1-h8 53.KAh8*e8 [+bKAh8][wKAe8->e1] 54.KAe1-h1 55.KAh1*h8[wKAh8->h1] 56.KAh1-e1 57.KAg1-d1 58.KAf1-c1 59.KAe1-b1 a=>b
HC35 Arno Tüngler
HC35, 01.07.2010
ser-hF 126 (absolute and effective) (16+2) C+

1.Kb5c4 2.Kc4-b5 3.Kb5-b6 4.Kb6-a7 5.Ka7-b8 6.Kb8-c8 7.Kc8-d8 8.Kd8-e8 9.Ke8-f8 10.Kf8-g8 11.Kg8-h7 12.Kh7-g6 13.Kg6-h5 14.Kh5-h4 15.Kh4-g3 16.Kg3-h2 17.Kh2-g1 18.Kg1-f1 19.Kf1e1 20.Ke1-f1 21.Kf1-g1 22.Kg1-h2 23.Kh2-g3 24.Kg3-h4 25.Kh4-h5 26.Kh5-g6 27.Kg6-h7 28.Kh7-g8 29.Kg8-f8 30.Kf8-e8 31.Ke8-d8 32.Kd8-c8 33.Kc8-b8 34.Kb8-a7 35.Ka7-b6 36.Kb6-b5 37.Kb5-c4 38.Kc4d3 39.Kd3-c4 40.Kc4-b5 41.Kb5-b6 42.Kb6-a7 43.Ka7-b8 44.Kb8-c8 45.Kc8-d8 46.Kd8-e8 47.Ke8-f8 48.Kf8-g8 49.Kg8-h7 50.Kh7-g6 51.Kg6-h5 52.Kh5-h4 53.Kh4-g3 54.Kg3-h2 55.Kh2-g1 56.Kg1-f1 57.Kf1-e1 58.Ke1d1 59.Kd1-e1 60.Ke1-f1 61.Kf1-g1 62.Kg1-h2 63.Kh2-g3 64.Kg3-h4 65.Kh4-h5 66.Kh5-g6 67.Kg6-h7 68.Kh7-g8 69.Kg8-f8 70.Kf8-e8 71.Ke8-d8 72.Kd8-c8 73.Kc8-b8 74.Kb8-a7 75.Ka7-b6 76.Kb6-b5 77.Kb5-c4 78.Kc4b3 79.Kb3-c4 80.Kc4-b5 81.Kb5-b6 82.Kb6-a7 83.Ka7-b8 84.Kb8-c8 85.Kc8-d8 86.Kd8-e8 87.Ke8-f8 88.Kf8-g8 89.Kg8-h7 90.Kh7-g6 91.Kg6-h5 92.Kh5-h4 93.Kh4-g3 94.Kg3-h2 95.Kh2-g1 96.Kg1-f1 97.Kf1-e1 98.Ke1-d1 99.Kd1c1 100.Kc1-d1 101.Kd1-e1 102.Ke1-f1 103.Kf1-g1 104.Kg1-h2 105.Kh2-g3 106.Kg3-h4 107.Kh4-h5 108.Kh5-g6 109.Kg6-h7 110.Kh7-g8 111.Kg8-f8 112.Kf8-e8 113.Ke8-d8 114.Kd8-c8 115.Kc8-b8 116.Kb8-a7 117.Ka7-b6 118.Kb6-b5 119.Kb5-c4 120.Kc4-d3 121.Kd3e3 122.Ke3f4 123.Kf4g5 124.Kg5f6 125.Kf6-g5 126.f7-f5 Ra2-a5 F

HC34 Arno Tüngler
HC34, 01.07.2010
ser-hF 125 (absolute and effective) (15+2) C+

1.Kc4-b5 2.Kb5-b6 3.Kb6-a7 4.Ka7-b8 5.Kb8-c8 6.Kc8-d8 7.Kd8-e8 8.Ke8-f8 9.Kf8-g8 10.Kg8-h7 11.Kh7-g6 12.Kg6-h5 13.Kh5-h4 14.Kh4-g3 15.Kg3-h2 16.Kh2-g1 17.Kg1-f1 18.Kf1e1 19.Ke1-f1 20.Kf1-g1 21.Kg1-h2 22.Kh2-g3 23.Kg3-h4 24.Kh4-h5 25.Kh5-g6 26.Kg6-h7 27.Kh7-g8 28.Kg8-f8 29.Kf8-e8 30.Ke8-d8 31.Kd8-c8 32.Kc8-b8 33.Kb8-a7 34.Ka7-b6 35.Kb6-b5 36.Kb5-c4 37.Kc4d3 38.Kd3-c4 39.Kc4-b5 40.Kb5-b6 41.Kb6-a7 42.Ka7-b8 43.Kb8-c8 44.Kc8-d8 45.Kd8-e8 46.Ke8-f8 47.Kf8-g8 48.Kg8-h7 49.Kh7-g6 50.Kg6-h5 51.Kh5-h4 52.Kh4-g3 53.Kg3-h2 54.Kh2-g1 55.Kg1-f1 56.Kf1-e1 57.Ke1d1 58.Kd1-e1 59.Ke1-f1 60.Kf1-g1 61.Kg1-h2 62.Kh2-g3 63.Kg3-h4 64.Kh4-h5 65.Kh5-g6 66.Kg6-h7 67.Kh7-g8 68.Kg8-f8 69.Kf8-e8 70.Ke8-d8 71.Kd8-c8 72.Kc8-b8 73.Kb8-a7 74.Ka7-b6 75.Kb6-b5 76.Kb5-c4 77.Kc4b3 78.Kb3-c4 79.Kc4-b5 80.Kb5-b6 81.Kb6-a7 82.Ka7-b8 83.Kb8-c8 84.Kc8-d8 85.Kd8-e8 86.Ke8-f8 87.Kf8-g8 88.Kg8-h7 89.Kh7-g6 90.Kg6-h5 91.Kh5-h4 92.Kh4-g3 93.Kg3-h2 94.Kh2-g1 95.Kg1-f1 96.Kf1-e1 97.Ke1-d1 98.Kd1c1 99.Kc1-d1 100.Kd1-e1 101.Ke1-f1 102.Kf1-g1 103.Kg1-h2 104.Kh2-g3 105.Kg3-h4 106.Kh4-h5 107.Kh5-g6 108.Kg6-h7 109.Kh7-g8 110.Kg8-f8 111.Kf8-e8 112.Ke8-d8 113.Kd8-c8 114.Kc8-b8 115.Kb8-a7 116.Ka7-b6 117.Kb6-b5 118.Kb5-c4 119.Kc4-d3 120.Kd3e3 121.Ke3f4 122.Kf4g5 123.Kg5f6 124.Kf6-g5 125.f7-f5 Ra2-a5 F

HC33 Arno Tüngler
HC33, 01.07.2010
ser-hF 118 (absolute and effective) (14+2) C+

1.Kc4-b5 2.Kb5-b6 3.Kb6-b7 4.Kb7-c8 5.Kc8-d8 6.Kd8-e8 7.Ke8-f8 8.Kf8-g8 9.Kg8-h7 10.Kh7-g6 11.Kg6-h5 12.Kh5-h4 13.Kh4-g3 14.Kg3-h2 15.Kh2-g1 16.Kg1-f1 17.Kf1e1 18.Ke1-f1 19.Kf1-g1 20.Kg1-h2 21.Kh2-g3 22.Kg3-h4 23.Kh4-h5 24.Kh5-g6 25.Kg6-h7 26.Kh7-g8 27.Kg8-f8 28.Kf8-e8 29.Ke8-d8 30.Kd8-c8 31.Kc8-b7 32.Kb7-b6 33.Kb6-b5 34.Kb5-c4 35.Kc4d3 36.Kd3-c4 37.Kc4-b5 38.Kb5-b6 39.Kb6-b7 40.Kb7-c8 41.Kc8-d8 42.Kd8-e8 43.Ke8-f8 44.Kf8-g8 45.Kg8-h7 46.Kh7-g6 47.Kg6-h5 48.Kh5-h4 49.Kh4-g3 50.Kg3-h2 51.Kh2-g1 52.Kg1-f1 53.Kf1-e1 54.Ke1d1 55.Kd1-e1 56.Ke1-f1 57.Kf1-g1 58.Kg1-h2 59.Kh2-g3 60.Kg3-h4 61.Kh4-h5 62.Kh5-g6 63.Kg6-h7 64.Kh7-g8 65.Kg8-f8 66.Kf8-e8 67.Ke8-d8 68.Kd8-c8 69.Kc8-b7 70.Kb7-b6 71.Kb6-b5 72.Kb5-c4 73.Kc4b3 74.Kb3-c4 75.Kc4-b5 76.Kb5-b6 77.Kb6-b7 78.Kb7-c8 79.Kc8-d8 80.Kd8-e8 81.Ke8-f8 82.Kf8-g8 83.Kg8-h7 84.Kh7-g6 85.Kg6-h5 86.Kh5-h4 87.Kh4-g3 88.Kg3-h2 89.Kh2-g1 90.Kg1-f1 91.Kf1-e1 92.Ke1-d1 93.Kd1c1 94.Kc1-d1 95.Kd1-e1 96.Ke1-f1 97.Kf1-g1 98.Kg1-h2 99.Kh2-g3 100.Kg3-h4 101.Kh4-h5 102.Kh5-g6 103.Kg6-h7 104.Kh7-g8 105.Kg8-f8 106.Kf8-e8 107.Ke8-d8 108.Kd8-c8 109.Kc8-b7 110.Kb7-b6 111.Kb6-b5 112.Kb5-c4 113.Kc4-d3 114.Kd3e3 115.Ke3f4 116.Kf4g5 117.Kg5f6 118.Kf6-g7 Ra2-a7 F

  • New series help-pin length record for 16 units.
  • Previous record: M. & R. Tomaević, Problemkiste 1997, ser-h-F 104 (version Cornel Pacurar, Mat Plus Review 2009), BN3B2/2p5/R1P1K3/N5P1/1R2P3/kP2Q1P1/4P3/8, 13.Kg8*f8 26.Ka3*b4 43.Kc8*b8 62.Kb5*a6 63.Ka6*a5 82.Kb8*a8 102.Kb5*c6 104.Kb7-b8 Qe3-f4.
  • Table of records:
  • C+ WinChloe 3.04.
HC32 Arno Tüngler
HC32, 01.07.2010
ser-hF 110 (absolute and effective) (13+2) C+

1.Kc4-b5 2.Kb5-b6 3.Kb6-a7 4.Ka7-b8 5.Kb8-c8 6.Kc8-d8 7.Kd8-e8 8.Ke8-f7 9.Kf7-g6 10.Kg6-h5 11.Kh5-h4 12.Kh4-g3 13.Kg3-h2 14.Kh2-g1 15.Kg1-f1 16.Kf1e1 17.Ke1-f1 18.Kf1-g1 19.Kg1-h2 20.Kh2-g3 21.Kg3-h4 22.Kh4-h5 23.Kh5-g6 24.Kg6-f7 25.Kf7-e8 26.Ke8-d8 27.Kd8-c8 28.Kc8-b8 29.Kb8-a7 30.Ka7-b6 31.Kb6-b5 32.Kb5-c4 33.Kc4d3 34.Kd3-c4 35.Kc4-b5 36.Kb5-b6 37.Kb6-a7 38.Ka7-b8 39.Kb8-c8 40.Kc8-d8 41.Kd8-e8 42.Ke8-f7 43.Kf7-g6 44.Kg6-h5 45.Kh5-h4 46.Kh4-g3 47.Kg3-h2 48.Kh2-g1 49.Kg1-f1 50.Kf1-e1 51.Ke1d1 52.Kd1-e1 53.Ke1-f1 54.Kf1-g1 55.Kg1-h2 56.Kh2-g3 57.Kg3-h4 58.Kh4-h5 59.Kh5-g6 60.Kg6-f7 61.Kf7-e8 62.Ke8-d8 63.Kd8-c8 64.Kc8-b8 65.Kb8-a7 66.Ka7-b6 67.Kb6-b5 68.Kb5-c4 69.Kc4b3 70.Kb3-c4 71.Kc4-b5 72.Kb5-b6 73.Kb6-a7 74.Ka7-b8 75.Kb8-c8 76.Kc8-d8 77.Kd8-e8 78.Ke8-f7 79.Kf7-g6 80.Kg6-h5 81.Kh5-h4 82.Kh4-g3 83.Kg3-h2 84.Kh2-g1 85.Kg1-f1 86.Kf1-e1 87.Ke1-d1 88.Kd1c1 89.Kc1-d1 90.Kd1-e1 91.Ke1-f1 92.Kf1-g1 93.Kg1-h2 94.Kh2-g3 95.Kg3-h4 96.Kh4-h5 97.Kh5-g6 98.Kg6-f7 99.Kf7-e8 100.Ke8-d8 101.Kd8-c8 102.Kc8-b8 103.Kb8-a7 104.Ka7-b6 105.Kb6-b5 106.Kb5-c4 107.Kc4-d3 108.Kd3e3 109.Ke3f4 110.Kf4-g5 Ra2-a5 F

  • New series help-pin length record for 15 units.
  • Previous record: M. & R. Tomaević, Problemkiste 1997, ser-h-F 101 (version Cornel Pacurar, Mat Plus Review 2009), BNk5/2p5/R1P1P2P/1R1N4/4P3/4BK2/P4P2/8, 18.Kc4*b5 37.Kc8*b8 57.Kb5*a6 78.Kb8*a8 99.Kb5*c6 101.Kb7-b8 Be3-f4.
  • Table of records:
  • C+ WinChloe 3.04.
HC31 Arno Tüngler
HC31, 01.07.2010
ser-hF 104 (absolute and effective) (12+2) C+

1.Kc4-b5 2.Kb5-b6 3.Kb6-b7 4.Kb7-c8 5.Kc8-d8 6.Kd8-e8 7.Ke8-f7 8.Kf7-g6 9.Kg6-h5 10.Kh5-h4 11.Kh4-g3 12.Kg3-h2 13.Kh2-g1 14.Kg1-f1 15.Kf1e1 16.Ke1-f1 17.Kf1-g1 18.Kg1-h2 19.Kh2-g3 20.Kg3-h4 21.Kh4-h5 22.Kh5-g6 23.Kg6-f7 24.Kf7-e8 25.Ke8-d8 26.Kd8-c8 27.Kc8-b7 28.Kb7-b6 29.Kb6-b5 30.Kb5-c4 31.Kc4d3 32.Kd3-c4 33.Kc4-b5 34.Kb5-b6 35.Kb6-b7 36.Kb7-c8 37.Kc8-d8 38.Kd8-e8 39.Ke8-f7 40.Kf7-g6 41.Kg6-h5 42.Kh5-h4 43.Kh4-g3 44.Kg3-h2 45.Kh2-g1 46.Kg1-f1 47.Kf1-e1 48.Ke1d1 49.Kd1-e1 50.Ke1-f1 51.Kf1-g1 52.Kg1-h2 53.Kh2-g3 54.Kg3-h4 55.Kh4-h5 56.Kh5-g6 57.Kg6-f7 58.Kf7-e8 59.Ke8-d8 60.Kd8-c8 61.Kc8-b7 62.Kb7-b6 63.Kb6-b5 64.Kb5-c4 65.Kc4b3 66.Kb3-c4 67.Kc4-b5 68.Kb5-b6 69.Kb6-b7 70.Kb7-c8 71.Kc8-d8 72.Kd8-e8 73.Ke8-f7 74.Kf7-g6 75.Kg6-h5 76.Kh5-h4 77.Kh4-g3 78.Kg3-h2 79.Kh2-g1 80.Kg1-f1 81.Kf1-e1 82.Ke1-d1 83.Kd1c1 84.Kc1-d1 85.Kd1-e1 86.Ke1-f1 87.Kf1-g1 88.Kg1-h2 89.Kh2-g3 90.Kg3-h4 91.Kh4-h5 92.Kh5-g6 93.Kg6-f7 94.Kf7-e8 95.Ke8-d8 96.Kd8-c8 97.Kc8-b7 98.Kb7-b6 99.Kb6-b5 100.Kb5-c4 101.Kc4-d3 102.Kd3e3 103.Ke3f4 104.Kf4-g5 Ra2-a5 F