2010 Tourney: T1-10

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Last updated: 16.07.2010
# Problem Solution
T10 Cornel Pacurar & Arno Tüngler
Canada & Germany
T10, 04.05.2010
ser-h+ 34 (6+10) C+

1.Kh4-h5 2.Kh5-g6 3.Kg6-g7 4.Kg7-f8 5.Kf8-e7 6.Ke7-d6 7.Kd6-c5 8.Kc5-b4 9.Kb4-c3 10.Kc3-d2 11.Kd2-e1 12.Ke1-f1 13.Kf1*g1 14.Kg1-f1 15.Kf1-e1 16.Ke1-d2 17.Kd2-c3 18.Kc3-b4 19.Kb4-c5 20.Kc5-d6 21.Kd6-e7 22.Ke7-f8 23.Kf8-g7 24.Kg7-g6 25.Kg6-h5 26.Kh5-h4 27.Kh4*h3 28.Kh3-h4 29.Kh4-h5 30.Kh5-g6 31.Rh2-h5 32.Rh5-g5 33.h6-h5 34.Kg6-h6 f4*g5 +

T9 Ralf Krätschmer & Cornel Pacurar
Germany & Canada
T9, 02.05.2010
ser-h=81 (13+3) C+
ImmunChess (Rex Exclusive)

16.Ka6*a5 35.Kc1*b2 56.Kb4-c4 59.Ba2-b1 81.Kb2-a2 d4-d5 =

T8 Paul Răican, Romania
T8, 11.04.2010 (v)
Bnb3nr/p6p/1p1Np3/3KN3/P2RP3/1k6/3P1P1P/1NB3NR pser-hdia 33 (14+9)

1.a2-a4 2.Ra1-a3 3.Ra3-g3 4.Rg3xg7 5.Rg7-g4 6.Rg4-d4 7.g2-g4 8.g4-g5 9.g5-g6 10.g6-g7 11.g7xf8=S 12.Sf8xd7 13.Sd7-c5 14.Sc5xb7 15.Sb7-d6+ Ke8-d7 16.Bf1-h3 + Kd7-c6 17.Bh3-g2 + Kc6-b6 18.Bg2xa8 19.e2-e4 20.Ke1-e2 21.Ke2-d3 22.Kd3-c4 23.Kc4-d5 24.c2-c4 25.Qd1-b3 + Kb6-a5 26.Qb3-b6 + c5xb6 27.b2-b4 + Ka5xb4 28.c4-c5 + Kb4-b3 29.c5-c6 30.c6-c7 31.c7xd8=S 32.Sd8xf7 33.Sf7-e5 e7-e6 #

  • Parry Series Proof Game ending with a pure mate!
  • Probably the second Parry Series Help Proof Game ever published! The first one: Mark Kirtley, PS9 StrateGems 47, 2009, rnb3nr/pppp1ppp/8/7k/7q/8/PPPPP2P/RNBQKBNR, pser-hdia 10, 1.f2-f4 2.f4-f5 3.f5-f6 4.f6*e7 5.e7*f8=R + Ke8-e7 6.Rf8-e8 + Ke7-f6 7.Re8-e6 + Kf6-f5 8.g2-g4 + Kf5*g4 9.Re6-e4 + Kg4-h5 10.Re4-h4 + Qd8*h4 dia (PDF).
  • Version 08.05.2010.
  • The first 23 moves are C+.
T7 Ion Murărasu, Romania
T7, 11.04.2010
7B/3k2N1/1p6/6N1/2K5/8/8/8 ser-h# 34 (4+2) C+

1.Ke7 2.Kf6 3.K*g5 [+Sf6] 4.Kg6 5.Kf7 6.K*f6 [+Sf7] 7.Ke7 8.Kf8 9.K*f7 [+Sf8] 10.Kg8 11.K*h8 [+Bg8] 12.K*g7 [+Sh8] 13.Kf6 14.Ke7 15.Ke8 16.K*f8 [+Se8] 17.K*g8 [+Bf8] 18.K*h8 [+Sg8] 19.Kh7 20.Kg6 21.Kf7 22.K*e8 [+Sf7] 23.K*f8 [+Be8] 24.K*g8 [+Sf8] 25.Kg7 26.Kf6 27.Ke7 28.K*e8 [+Be7] 29.K*f7 [+Se8] 30.K*e7 [+Bf7] 31.Kd8 32.Kc8 33.Kb7 34.Kc6 Bd5#

  • Systematic manoeuvres of the black king, miniature and ideal mate!
T6 Alexandre Leroux & François Labelle, Canada
T6, 09.04.2010

Position a:

Position b:

ser-a=>b 1034 (11+16)
b) Postion a: Sb6 -> Rg7, Position b: Sg7 -> Rb6

  • Solutions.
  • An amazing twin-problem composed by Alexandre and François during TT2!
  • C+ by a special ser-a=>b & PWC solving program written by François!
T4 Cornel Pacurar & Arno Tüngler
Canada & Germany
T4, 02.04.2010

ser-x 61 (11+11) C+

1.Kg4-h4 2.Bd5-e4 3.Be4-c2 4.Bc2-a4 5.Ba4-b5 6.Bb5-a6 7.Ba6-c8 8.Bc8-d7 9.Bd7-e8 10.Be8-g6 11.Kh4-g4 12.h3-h4 13.Kg4-h3 14.Bg6-e8 15.Be8-d7 16.Bd7-c8 17.Bc8-a6 18.Ba6-b5 19.Bb5-a4 20.Ba4-c2 21.Kh3-h2 22.Kh2-h1 23.Bc2-a4 24.Ba4-b5 25.Bb5-a6 26.Ba6-c8 27.Bc8-d7 28.Bd7-e8 29.Be8-g6 30.Kh1-g1 31.Kg1-f1 32.Bg6-e8 33.Be8-d7 34.Bd7-c8 35.Bc8-a6 36.Ba6-b5 37.Bb5-a4 38.Ba4-c2 39.Bc2-e4 40.Kf1-e1 41.Ke1-d1 42.Be4-c2 43.Kd1-d2 44.Kd2-c3 45.Bc2-b3 46.Kc3-b4 47.Kb4-a4 48.Bb3-c2 49.Bc2-e4 50.Be4-d5 51.Ka4-a5 52.Ka5-a6 53.Bd5-e4 54.Be4-c2 55.Bc2-b3 56.Ka6-b7 57.Kb7-c8 58.Kc8-d8 59.Kd8-e8 60.Ke8-f8 61.Kf8*g7 x

T3 Branko Koludrović, Croatia
T3, 24.03.2010

ser-!= 225 (11+16)

1.Kxb8 2.Rb5 3.R*a4[Pa7] 4.R*a7 8.a*b7 9.Ra3 13.Ka4 15.Ra7 17.Ka6 19.Rb5 26.K*d3[Bc8] 44.K*c8 65.K*e6[Sg8] 87.K*d8[Bf8] 110.K*g6[Bc8] 132.K*c8 152.K*f5 175.K*f8 176.K*g8 202.K*h2[Rh8] 213.Ka6 215.Ra3 217.Ka4 219.Rb5 222.Ka7 223.Ra6 224.a4 225.a5 !=

  • The overall ser-!= Circe length record with promoted force is: Branko Koludrović, K2829, Problemkiste 173/174, Nov. 2007, B2b4/1n5r/1Pk1n1b1/KRP2n2/RPP3n1/PPPb3p/P3p1np/3b2r1, ser-!= 232 Circe (5 promoted figures).
    225 moves with just one promoted Bishop is certainly impressive!
T2 Cornel Pacurar, Canada
T2, 20.03.2010

ser-# 1891 (1+1) C+
GridChess PWC RepublicanChess Type2
Wazir c5
2 Solutions

1.WEc5-c4 60.WEc8*c7 [+bSc8] 121.WEd8*c8 [+bSd8] 182.WEd7*d8 [+bSd7] 243.WEd6*d7 [+bSd6] 304.WEd5*d6 [+bSd5] 365.WEd4*d5 [+bSd4] 426.WEd3*d4 [+bSd3] 487.WEd2*d3 [+bSd2] 548.WEe2*d2 [+bSe2] 609.WEe3*e2 [+bSe3] 670.WEe4*e3 [+bSe4] 731.WEe5*e4 [+bSe5] 792.WEe6*e5 [+bSe6] 853.WEe7*e6 [+bSe7] 914.WEe8*e7 [+bSe8] 975.WEf8*e8 [+bSf8] 1036.WEf7*f8 [+bSf7] 1097.WEf6*f7 [+bSf6] 1158.WEf5*f6 [+bSf5] 1219.WEf4*f5 [+bSf4] 1280.WEf3*f4 [+bSf3] 1341.WEf2*f3 [+bSf2] 1402.WEg2*f2 [+bSg2] 1463.WEg3*g2 [+bSg3] 1524.WEg4*g3 [+bSg4] 1585.WEg5*g4 [+bSg5] 1646.WEg6*g5 [+bSg6] 1707.WEg7*g6 [+bSg7] 1768.WEg8*g7 [+bSg8] 1829.WEh8*g8 [+bSh8] 1890.WEh7*h8 [+bSh7] 1891.WEh8-g8[+bKh8] #

1.WEc5-c6 2.WEc6*c7 [+bSc6] 63.WEc5*c6 [+bSc5] 124.WEc4*c5 [+bSc4] 185.WEc3*c4 [+bSc3] 246.WEc2*c3 [+bSc2] 307.WEb2*c2 [+bSb2] 368.WEb3*b2 [+bSb3] 429.WEb4*b3 [+bSb4] 490.WEb5*b4 [+bSb5] 551.WEb6*b5 [+bSb6] 612.WEb7*b6 [+bSb7] 673.WEa7*b7 [+bSa7] 734.WEa6*a7 [+bSa6] 795.WEa5*a6 [+bSa5] 856.WEa4*a5 [+bSa4] 917.WEa3*a4 [+bSa3] 978.WEa2*a3 [+bSa2] 1039.WEa1*a2 [+bSa1] 1100.WEb1*a1 [+bSb1] 1161.WEc1*b1 [+bSc1] 1222.WEd1*c1 [+bSd1] 1283.WEe1*d1 [+bSe1] 1344.WEf1*e1 [+bSf1] 1405.WEg1*f1 [+bSg1] 1466.WEh1*g1 [+bSh1] 1527.WEh2*h1 [+bSh2] 1588.WEh3*h2 [+bSh3] 1649.WEh4*h3 [+bSh4] 1710.WEh5*h4 [+bSh5] 1771.WEh6*h5 [+bSh6] 1832.WEh7*h6 [+bSh7] 1891.WEg7-g8[+bKh8] #

T1 Arno Tüngler, Germany
T1, 20.03.2010

ser-!# 65 (2+10) C+

1.Kf3-e4 2.Ke4-d3 3.Be5-d6 4.Bd6-c5 5.Kd3-c4 6.Kc4-b5 7.Bc5-b6 8.Kb5-a6 9.Ka6-b7 10.Bb6-c7 11.Kb7-c8 12.Kc8-d8 13.Bc7-d6 14.Bd6-e7 15.Kd8-e8 16.Ke8-f8 17.Be7-g5 18.Kf8-g8 19.Kg8-h7 20.Bg5-f6 21.Kh7-h6 22.Kh6×h5 23.Kh5-h6 24.Kh6-h7 25.Bf6-g5 26.Kh7-g8 27.Kg8-f8 28.Bg5-e7 29.Kf8-e8 30.Ke8-d8 31.Be7-d6 32.Bd6-c7 33.Kd8-c8 34.Kc8-b7 35.Bc7-b6 36.Kb7-a6 37.Ka6-b5 38.Bb6-c5 39.Kb5-c4 40.Kc4-d3 41.Bc5-d6 42.Bd6-e5 43.Kd3-e4 44.Ke4-f3 45.Kf3×g2 46.Kg2-f3 47.Kf3-e4 48.Ke4-d3 49.Be5-d6 50.Bd6-c5 51.Kd3-c4 52.Kc4-b5 53.Bc5-b6 54.Kb5-a6 55.Ka6-b7 56.Bb6-c7 57.Kb7-c8 58.Kc8-d8 59.Bc7-d6 60.Bd6-e7 61.Kd8-e8 62.Ke8-f8 63.Kf8-g8 64.Be7-f8 65.Kg8×f7 auto#

  • A beautiful problem composed by Arno during TT1!
  • C+, WinChloe 3.04
  • Another ser-!# recently published by Arno: 9941, feenschach 178