2010 Tourney: T11-20

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Last updated: 02.10.2010
# Problem Solution
T20 Radovan Tomašević
T20, 03.08.2010
ser-h# 104 (14+4) C+

1.Kd8*c8 17.Kc4*b5 34.Kc8*b8 52.Kb5*a6 71.Kb8*a8 89.Kc4*d5 90.Kd5*c6 91.Kc6-d6 92.c7-c5 93.c5*b4 96.b2-b1=B 98.Ba2*e6 103.Kg8-h8 104.Be6-g8 Kf6-g6 #

T19 Zoran Sibinović
T19, 31.07.2010
ser-= 115 (6+13) C+

6.Ka2*a3 20.Kh5*g4 40.Kf1*g1 61.Kg4*h3 83.Kg1*h1 105.Kg4*f3 108.f4*e5 109.Kg4*g5 110.Kg5*h4 114.Ke7*d8 115.Kd8*c7 =

  • New direct series stalemate length record - last move by King!
  • Improved version: 117 moves.
  • 06.08.2010:  Vladimír Janál has extended the record to 121 moves:

    Vladimír Janál
    Blog zlínského problemisty, 06.08.2010
    ser-= 121 (8+15) C+

    18.Kh5*g4 37.Kf1*g1 57.Kg4*h3 78.Kg1*h1 99.Kg4*f3 100.Kf3-g4 102.f4*e5 103.Kg4*g5 109.Kd8*c7 111.Kc6*b5 112.Kb5*a4 115.Ka2*a1 118.Kc3*c4 119.Kc4*d3 120.Kd3*e3 121.Ke3-e4 =

  • Table of records:
T18 Zoran Sibinović
T18, 31.07.2010
ser-= 111 (5+15) C+

18.Kh5*g4 37.Kf1*g1 57.Kg4*h3 78.Kg1*h1 99.Kg4*f3 103.f5*e6 105.e7*d8=B 106.Bd8*g5 107.Bg5*h4 109.Bf6*g7 110.Bg7*e5 111.Be5*c7 =

T17 Ján Golha
T17, 31.07.2010

Position a:

Position b:
ser-a=>b 505 (2+13) C+

18.Ka5*a6 [+bSa5] 19.Ka6*a7 [+bPa6] 38.Ka4*a5 [+bSa4] 39.Ka5*a6 [+bPa5] 59.Ka3*a4 [+bSa3] 60.Ka4*a5 [+bPa4] 79.Kb2*a3 [+bSb2] 83.Kc1*b2 [+bSc1] 85.Ka3*a4 [+bPa3] 103.Kd1*c1 [+bSd1] 106.Ka2*a3 [+bPa2] 124.Ke1*d1 [+bSe1] 145.Kf1*e1 [+bSf1] 165.Kg2*f1 [+bSg2] 169.Kh3*g2 [+bSh3] 189.Kh4*h3 [+bSh4] 210.Kh5*h4 [+bSh5] 231.Kh6*h5 [+bSh6] 251.Kg7*h6 [+bSg7] 254.Kh8*g7 [+bSh8] 265.Ka3*a2 [+bPa3] 286.Ka4*a3 [+bPa4] 306.Ka5*a4 [+bPa5] 326.Ka6*a5 [+bPa6] 346.Ka7*a6 [+bPa7] 366.Kb8*a7 [+bPb8] 386.Kc8*b8 [+bPc8] 406.Kd8*c8 [+bPd8] 424.Kg7*h8 [+bSg7] 427.Kf8*g7 [+bSf8] 445.Kc8*d8 [+bPc8] 447.Ke8*f8 [+bSe8] 466.Kb8*c8 [+bPb8] 468.Kd8*e8 [+bSd8] 486.Ka7*b8 [+bPa7] 488.Kc8*d8 [+bSc8] 505.Ka5-a6 a=>b

  • Impressive task! 505 moves are needed in order to switch the white king and the black knight!
T16 Zoran Sibinović
T16, 16.07.2010
ser-h# 114 (16+10) C+

1.Kd8*c8 19.Ka4*b5 38.Kc8*b8 58.Kb5*a6 79.Kb8*a8 100.Kb5*c6 101.Kc6-d6 102.c7-c5 103.c5*b4 106.b2-b1=B 107.Bb1*f5 108.Bf5*e6 109.Be6-g8 110.e7-e6 114.Kg7-h8 Bd4*f6 #

  • A first for Kemp's matrix:  mate given from f6!
  • T16 equalizes the new series helpmate length record for positions with mate given by Bishop, very recently published by Zoran in StrateGems:
Zoran Sibinović
C0343 StrateGems 51, 2010
ser-h# 114 (16+6) C+
1.Kd8*c8 17.Kc2*b2 20.Kc4*b5 39.Kc8*b8 59.Kb5*a6 80.Kb8*a8 101.Kb5*c6 102.Kc6-d7 103.c7-c5 104.c5*b4 107.b2*c1=B 109.Bb2*e5 110.Be5*f6 111.Bf6-d8 113.Ke7-f6 114.Bd8-e7 Be3-d4 #
T15 György Bakcsi
T15, 07.07.2010
ser-h# 21 (4+7) C+

4.g3*h2! (4.g2? 5.g1B 6.B*h2 8.Bc5 with mate in 22 moves) 5.h2-h1=R 7.Rh5-c5 12.h2-h1=R 14.Rh5-d5 19.h2-h1=R 21.Rh5-e5 c2-c3 #

  • Kings and pawns only and triple Rook promotion on the same square!
  • PDB P1110238.
For comparison:

L. Ugren &  A. Zutić
Die Schwalbe, 1976
ser-h# 31 (2+13) C+
3.h1=R 5.Rhb4 9.h1=R 11.Rha5 16.h1=R 18.Rha6 23.h1=R 25.Rhb6 26.Rcc6 27.Qc5 31.Kb5 Sa3 #
(K+S minimal, four promotions to Rook on the same square)

Baldur Kozdon
Die Schwalbe, 1969
ser-h# 25 (4+6) C+
3.a1=R 5.Re4 9.a1=R 11.Rg5 16.a1=R 17.Raa5 18.Raf5 23.a1=R 24.Raa5 25.Rae5 g3 #
(four promotions to Rook on the same square)

József Korponai
Schach-Echo, 1972
ser-h# 13 (2+5) C+
1.f1=R 3.Rb2 5.f1=R 7.Ra4 11.f1=R 12.Rff4 13.Rfb4 Rc3 #
(three promotions to Rook on the same square in miniature)
T14 Itamar Faybish & Cornel Pacurar
Belgium & Canada
T14, 01.07.2010
phser-dia 14 (15+15) C+

1.Sb1-c3 2.Sc3-d5 3.Sd5*e7 4.Se7-d5 5.Sd5-f6 + Ke8-e7 6.Sf6-d5 + Ke7-e6 7.Sd5-f4 + Ke6-f5 8.g2-g4 + Kf5*g4 9.h2-h3 + Kg4-f5 10.e2-e4 + Kf5-f6 11.e4-e5 + Kf6-e7 12.Sf4-d5 + Ke7-e8 13.Sd5-c3 14.Sc3-b1 dia

  • wS and bK switchback.
T13 Vladimír Janál & Arno Tüngler
Czech Republic & Germany
T13, 16.06.2010
ser-h= 99 (14+1) C+

1.Kg3-h2 2.Kh2-g1 3.Kg1-f1 4.Kf1*e1 5.Ke1-f1 6.Kf1-g1 7.Kg1-h2 8.Kh2-g3 9.Kg3-h4 10.Kh4-g5 11.Kg5-f6 12.Kf6-f7 13.Kf7-e8 14.Ke8-d8 15.Kd8-c8 16.Kc8-b8 17.Kb8-a7 18.Ka7-b6 19.Kb6-b5 20.Kb5-c4 21.Kc4*d3 22.Kd3-c4 23.Kc4-b5 24.Kb5-b6 25.Kb6-a7 26.Ka7-b8 27.Kb8-c8 28.Kc8-d8 29.Kd8-e8 30.Ke8-f7 31.Kf7-f6 32.Kf6-g5 33.Kg5-h4 34.Kh4-g3 35.Kg3-h2 36.Kh2-g1 37.Kg1-f1 38.Kf1-e1 39.Ke1*d1 40.Kd1-e1 41.Ke1-f1 42.Kf1-g1 43.Kg1-h2 44.Kh2-g3 45.Kg3-h4 46.Kh4-g5 47.Kg5-f6 48.Kf6-f7 49.Kf7-e8 50.Ke8-d8 51.Kd8-c8 52.Kc8-b8 53.Kb8-a7 54.Ka7-b6 55.Kb6-b5 56.Kb5-c4 57.Kc4*b3 58.Kb3-c4 59.Kc4-b5 60.Kb5-b6 61.Kb6-a7 62.Ka7-b8 63.Kb8-c8 64.Kc8-d8 65.Kd8-e8 66.Ke8-f7 67.Kf7-f6 68.Kf6-g5 69.Kg5-h4 70.Kh4-g3 71.Kg3-h2 72.Kh2-g1 73.Kg1-f1 74.Kf1-e1 75.Ke1-d1 76.Kd1-c1 77.Kc1*b1 78.Kb1-c1 79.Kc1-d1 80.Kd1-e1 81.Ke1-f1 82.Kf1-g1 83.Kg1-h2 84.Kh2-g3 85.Kg3-h4 86.Kh4-g5 87.Kg5-f6 88.Kf6-f7 89.Kf7-e8 90.Ke8-d8 91.Kd8-c8 92.Kc8-b8 93.Kb8-a7 94.Ka7-b6 95.Kb6-b5 96.Kb5-c4 97.Kc4*c3 98.Kc3-d3 99.Kd3-e4 Ra2-a3 =

  • Series helpstalemate length record for 15 units!
  • Previous record: None.
  • Also, this is a new series helpstalemate length record for minimal stalemated force!
  • Previous record: Vladimír Janál, Special Prize, Sachová skladba, 2001-2002, ser-h=94, 8/8/5K2/P3P3/P2P4/1NPRPPk1/R5P1/1N1BB3, 4.Kf1*e1 20.Kc4*d3 37.Ke1*d1 54.Kc4*b3 73.Kc1*b1 92.Kc4*c3 94.Kc4-d5 Ra2-c2 =
  • Table of records:
  • PDB P1108433.
T12 Paul Răican, Romania
T12, 06.06.2010
(Dedicated to D. Meinking & G. Donati)
2bq2nr/6p1/R1p1N1p1/7Q/4P3/4k3/2P1BnPP/6RK pser-hdia 41 (10+9)

1.b2-b4 2.b4-b5 3.b5-b6 4.b6xa7 5.a7xb8=S 6.Sb8xd7 7.Sd7xf8 8.Sf8xh7 9.Sh7-f6+ Ke8-f8 10.Sd5 11.Sxe7 12.Se7-g6+ fxg6 13.Bc1-a3 + Ra8xa3 14.Sb1xa3 15.Sb1 16.a4 20.a8=Q 21.Qa3+ c7-c5 22.Qf3+ Ke8 23.Qc6+ bxc6 24.f4 27.f7+ Kd7 28.f8=S+ Kc7 29.Ra7+ Kb6 30.Ra6+ Kb5 31.e4+ c4 32.Sc3+ Kc5 33.d2-d4 + c4xd3 ep. 34.Qh5 + Kd4 35.Sge2 + d3xe2 36.Se6 + Ke3 37.Sd1 + exd1=S 38.Be2 39.0-0 40.Kh1 41.Rg1 Sf2#

  • Ceriani-Frolkin SQ, Valladao, mate given by promoted piece.
  • The stipulation "pser-hdia N" means that, from the initial position, White plays N moves (with possible black parry-moves in between), followed by one Black move (just as in a ser-h# N, where Black plays N moves followed by one White move).
  • A perfect demonstration of the special role that the check-and-parry moves could play in combination with ser-hdia!
T11 Paul Răican, Romania
T11, 16.05.2010
4k3/2p2p2/4P3/8/8/8/p2K4/8 pser-con-h# 4 (2+4)
Cage Circe
2 Solutions

1.a2-a1=R 2.Ra1-a8 3.0-0-0 + e6xf7 [+bPd3] 4.Rd8-e8 f7xe8=Q [+bRb7] #
1.a2-a1=Q 2.Qa1-a4 3.Qa4-d7 + e6xd7 [+bQg7] + 4.Ke8-f8 d7-d8=Q #

  • The first Cage Circe pser-con-h#!
  • Chameleon echo mates.
  • Nicolas Dupont and Étienne Dupuis' Cage Circe article (Diagrammes, 2009).
  • The very first Consequent Parry Series problem:
    Kevin Begley, C0295 StrateGems 47, 2009, 8/pp3p2/k1P5/P2P4/2KP4/R5p1/BPP5/1b6, pser-con-s# 10, 1.Kc5 2.Bc4+ b5 3.Rxg3 4.Ra3! 5.Ra1 6.Ba2! 7.axb6 ep 8.d6 9.Bxf7+ Ba2 10.b4 ab # (1.d6? 1.b4? 1.Rxg3?) (PDF).